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NC Tech AS

 Our developed Product List  is wide and we have the skills to expanded it  to meet
 customer specifications.

Offshore & Marine Cranes

NC Tech AS can provide custom made solutions for Offshore & Marine Cranes. 

The type of cranes varies accordingly to our customer requirements, and the designs we can offer are: Luffing jib, Knuckle jib, Telescopic and Lightweight.

The functionality may include Constant Tension (CT), Active Heave Compensated (AHC) and Passive Heave Compensated (PHC). The SWL in our scope ranges from 5t to 600t.
The cranes can be class certified if required, specially by DNV-GL.
Multi-Purpose Winches

The capability of NC Tech AS on offering tailor made winches is well known. The type of Marine and Offshore winches we are able to provide are:

  • Marine: Mooring, Anchor Windlass, Rope Spooling, Towing, Anchor Handling Towing, Tugger, Capstan, Manrider, and Storage.
  • Offshore: Subsea, Lifting, Dual/Triple Drum, Guideline, Utility, Net Handling.
The functionality may include Constant Tension (CT) and Active Heave Compensated (AHC). The latter feature is specially used for in subsea applications. The SWL in our scope ranges from 150kg to 50t.
The winches can be class certified if required, specially by DNV-GL.
Offshore Hatches & Doors

NC Tech AS as the capability for designing and manufacturing doors and hatches as demanded for various ship types: including for AHTS, PSV, OSV and special purpose vessels.

AUV hangar door is one of the equipment on OSV. Two AUV Hangar Doors were designed according to DNV-GL relevant rules and design standards, being fully hydraulically operated and secured for safety operation in high seas.

AUV Traversing Crane

NC Tech AS custom made Traversing Cranes can be offered as demanded by our customers. The SWL ranges from 1t to 80t.

All equipment can be designed and built according to class society regulations, relevant rules and design standards. They are fully electrically operated, and secured for safety operation in high sea-states and high winds.

We assist our customers to achieve the most in efficiency, safety, durability and cost effectiveness. Thus, we not only supply the equipment, but also provide excellent service in the life cycle of each equipment.
Dry Ice Containers

The idea of having on-demand dry ice for Offshore operations led NC Tech AS to develop the portable dry ice container solution. It can be set on any vessel or platform, and allows for more efficient rust and paint removal activities.

The container standard size is ISO 20ft container, but solutions can be offered for 18ft, 30ft, 40ft and 45ft containers.

Dry ice technology is a much safer and cleaner blasting procedure than conventional sand blasting. This is becoming the preferred method for maintenance in Offshore paint preparation. We are able to offer a full package in dry ice equipment.

The dry ice container is a certified Offshore DNV Container classified as ATEX Group II Zone 2, Norsok design, and CE marking.


NC Tech AS is suited to design and deliver tailor made Launch and Recovery Systems. Our knowledge and capability are in the range of 1t to 600t SWL.

The equipment can be designed and built according to class society regulations, relevant rules and design standards. It is fully hydraulically operated, secured for safety operation in high sea-states and high winds, thus withstanding the effects of adverse weather.

A 40t ROV LARS certified accordingly to DNV-GL was supplied. Project cost effectiveness and delivery time were achieved targets.

Multi-Purpose Offshore Containers

NC Tech AS is open to discuss its collaboration in the development and manufacturing of process and HMI containers, such as: osmose, milk dairy process, chemical processing units, chemical reactors units, distillation, food & beverage, in-line blending systems.

If you have any idea what you would like to build, do discuss it with us.

All containers are DNV certified as per ATEX Group II Zone 2 or Zone 1. Other certifications can be offered.
Hydraulic Power Unit

The NC Tech AS hydraulic department is well prepared to design and manufacture all sorts of Hydraulic Power Units. Our design specifications range from 30l/min to 6000l/min, up to a maximum working pressure of 690bar.

Our hydraulic system is based on industry standards, low noise and vibration. The experience of our team of engineers is more than 10 years, this rich experience supports our success together with our suppliers.

We are not only good at providing the standard design, but we customize product to end user. Upon contract we perform 3D modelling to assure quality and implement a tracking plan.


We tailor equipment fit-to-purpose!